Business Structure Breakdown

Parts of the engine:
Does your business have:
Include Best practices sheet for each:
Options for business to select:
Already Has -> Needs | Might Need | Not Worth It
Cells have a nucleus walled off from other components because over hundreds of millions of years this posed to be the best organization method.
The mitochondria (powerhouse)
Graphic designer
Website | Web Developer
The attention funnels:
Used to inform, sell, and evangelize
Twitter Account
  • Twitter management
Instagram Account
  • instagram landing feed
  • Reelz posts
YouTube Account
  • basic SEO converting videos
  • YouTube Shorts
LinkedIn Page
  • linked in post updater
Telegram group:
Telegram emojis
Verified giphys for social use
Discord channel
  • Discord animated logo
Tiktok Account

If I don’t raise directly from Matt: or on the side as well
Delegate Capital Model rolled into Persist Ventures:
A16Z has become one of the most revered investment firms, they take an approach to the tune of delegate Capital investing more than just $. Now as a leading investment firm they have an almost limitless access to more capital, first access to top deals, and any deals they fund get funded to full because of the brand name.
After starting in 2009
“a16z has $19.2B in assets under management across multiple funds, including the $1.4B Bio funds, the $3.1B Crypto funds, and the Cultural Leadership Fund.”
A venture capital firm becomes a 0 risk pure upside model once it has prestige.
Connections span across industries, spinning up multiple funds provides minimal risk as well as more niche specific funds for investors interested in different spaces.
Fundable Spaces:
Web3 Fund
Consumer Products Fund
Longevity Fund
Dopamine Fund
Digital Businesses Fund
Fashion Fund
SaaS Fund
Viral Fund
Music Fund
CPG Fund
Psychedelics Fund
Unicorn Fund
Community Fund
Atomic just raised 260m started by 27 year old founder.
At first, Atomic worked on one company. The following year, it worked on two. By 2018, the outfit had built out a team that could handle many of the back-end functions that startups need to thrive, from recruiting to accounting, and launched 10 companies. Impressed investors gave the firm $150 million to create even more startups.